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    PS200 Lawn Spreader

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Quality commercial Powerspread PS 200 Prizelawn® ride-on self-propelled spreaders. Spreaders for professional and home lawn care and other turf applications.

Prizelawn® spreaders are manufactured by Earthway Products, Inc. Made in the U.S.A.


New products

New products

Ice melt deflectors DK- IM

Prevents product from throwing past right wheel. Fits the CBR lV spreader model.

Side Deflector DK-lll CBR lV (Part # 15681)

Prevents product from throwing past right wheel. Fits the CBR lV spreader model.

Powerspread PS 200 II


Commercial Drop CD36C


Belly Grinder BG 1

A highly accurate and adjustable shoulder-carry unit perfect for narrow areas and hillsides. Also used widely in greenhouses and nurseries. Light weight but sturdy.

Hopper Cover SC- LF (Part # 15209)

Prevents costly spillage and fertilizer loss in transit. Run in the rain! Fits the Littlefoot spreader model.

Featured products

Bigfoot BF 1 HVO High Output Spreader

The Bigfoot BF l HVO (high volume output) features a hinged plate for conversion from fertilizer spreading to high volume application.

Commercial Broadcast CBR IV SS

The fourth generation version of the "Commercial Broadcast" spreader offers a new ergonomic stainless steel frame with reduced assembly. Ready to go in half the time! Upgrades include Bigfoot tires and larger diameter axle, handle grab bar. Its single port design is familiar and dependable and its "bag and a half" capacity is perfect for most jobs. Gear cover and hopper cover standard. Lifetime warranty gears.

Hopper Cover SC- BF (Part # 14872-1)


Commercial Drop CD36C


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